This section contains several educational resources that relate to the Long Range Transportation Plan.

1940 Plan

Detailed Study of Highway Plan for Cook County was the last long range transportation plan completed for Cook County. View the Plan.

Partnering for Prosperity

President Preckwinkle and her Council of Economic Advisors (CEA), a group of business, non-profit and civic leaders who promote regional economic growth, have released an economic growth action agenda entitled Partnering for Prosperity. View the Summary.

Planning for Progress

View Cook County's Consolidated Plan and Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for 2016-19.

  • Glossary and Acronyms - View definitions for a number of terms frequently used during the development of environmental and design studies associated with the implementation of a transportation improvement.

  • Agency Links - View agencies and associated links related to the LRTP, at the local, state and federal level.