1940 Plan

The Cook County Highway Department produced a Detailed Study of Highway Plan for Cook County dated August, 1940. Since that time, there has not been another long range transportation planning effort led by the County until now. In 2014, the Department of Transportation and Highways has embarked upon the current initiative that will result in the development of Cook County’s 2040 Transportation Plan, the first long range transportation plan since 1940.

  • 1940 population projections estimated that residents would be moving to suburban Cook in increasing numbers

  • The highest flow of traffic counts were close to 435,000 cars on existing highways. The count was recorded on a summer Sunday afternoon, which was considered peak time.

  • Between 1930 and 1940 Cook County built
    • 141 miles of pavement in unincorporated areas of Cook County
    • 154.5 miles of pavement within Cities and Villages (exclusive of Chicago)
    • 155 miles of pavement within the City of Chicago

  • To see which portion of roads and highways please look here at some fascinating maps.
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