Invest in Cook

Following the adoption of Connecting Cook County, the Department of Transportation and Highways has established an $8.5 million program to cover the cost of planning and feasibility studies, engineering, right-of-way acquisition and construction associated with transportation improvements sponsored by local and regional governments and private partners. Referred to as Invest in Cook, this program is designed to solicit applications for improvements consistent with the five priorities of Connecting Cook County: prioritize transit and other transportation alternatives; support the region’s role as North America’s freight capital; promote equal access to opportunities; maintain and modernize what already exists; and increase investments in transportation.

Invest in Cook ensures that limited resources are spent wisely by identifying the universe of transportation proposals and prioritizing them using objective and transparent selection criteria. Just as important, it strengthens the partnerships and strategic matching of funding from various sources to expedite the completion of projects vital to a stronger economy and more livable communities.

Review the official Call for Projects here.